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The more you know about your fleet, the better it will run. TELUS Transportation Solutions can help you communicate with, track and manage your mobile assets to increase productivity, operating margins, and service levels.


GPS Solutions*

Get access to Canada’s largest coast-to-coast network

Your workers in the field are the front line of service to your customers.  Make sure that they can deliver consistently by giving them the tools they need to stay connected, productive and efficient.  With GPS-enabled devices on the TELUS wireless network, you can improve how you route, communicate with, track and manage your operations.


Asset Tracking*     

Asset Tracking: Keep track of your assets large and small

With TELUS Asset Tracker always know where your important assets are. Discreet, rugged and portable tags, the size of a matchbox, can be easily inserted into  high value goods or affixed to mobile assets. Don’t risk losing packages, trailers and equipment that are crucial to you business.  TELUS Asset Tracker gives you full visibility into the locations of your trailers, equipment, and goods as they move through the delivery chain.


TELUS Fleet Tracker*   

Track and monitor your vehicles and fleet in real-time 

Managing your fleet requires visibility and insight into the whereabouts of each of your vehicles, at all times.  TELUS Fleet Tracker uses in-vehicle installed GPS  modems to provide real-time vehicle information including location, travel speed, idling time and distances traveled.   Modem sensors give you insight into status of your vehicles’ battery voltage, ignition on/off, etc. 


*Some Conditions Apply. Please ask for more details.

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