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Mike Work Email & Web data add-on

Data add-on packages for Email & Web access from your Mike BlackBerry.


What You Get, What You Pay Email & Web 30 (BIS) Email & Web 35 (BES) Email & Web 40 (BIS/BES)
Monthly Plan Rate $30 $35 $40
Included Canada Data Unlimited BIS  Unlimited BES  Unlimited Canada & U.S. BIS or BES 
Tethered Usage + $8/MB 
Need more?
U.S. Roaming Data¹ + $6/MB  Included 

Mike Packet Data plans

Mike Packet Data service provides an 'always on' wireless solution to transmit remote data to enterprise application data stores or to quickly connect to the Internet. Mike Packet Data can be used to monitor and control processes (SCADA or telemetry) or track a vehicle (AVL).

What you get, what you pay

Packet Data 25 Packet Data 50 Packet Data 75
Monthly Plan Rate $25 $50 $75
Add-on to a Voice Plan $20  $45  $70 
Included Canada Data 5 MB  100 MB  1 GB 
Additional Data $5/MB  $1/MB 
Need More?
U.S. Roaming Data¹ + $6/MB 


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